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Astron Plastics is the largest recycled resin supplier in New Zealand and Australia.

We serve the entire Pacific & South East Asian region, trading in an extensive range of plastic resin grades, colours and quantities, both prime and recycled, in either granules or rotational moulding powders. We guarantee accurate grading of any product we sell.


Buying recycled resin from Astron Plastics is both environmentally responsible and economic. Recycled resins generally cost only 60% as much as prime resin.

The grades we offer include HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, PP, GPPS, HIPS and ABS.

We can supply resin in multicolour, black and natural (limited), in 25kg or bulk bags. Astron Plastics can also provide resins with specific additives, e.g. antioxidants, UV stabilisers, process aids and colourants to customer specification.

As active traders on the wider plastic resin market, Astron Plastics is always in touch with market conditions. We can source and sell resin to specification.

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